French lessons at your home/office or online at the best rates


Expatriates, diplomats, students, seniors, tourists, and  other English speakers :  do you want to develop your speaking skills in the French language at your home or workplace ( Corporate French lessons ) and also Online ?

French Lessons Premium provides quality private lessons tailored to your needs and availability. Our private French classes are meant for seniors and adult learners, young adults and also teenagers. Of course, They cover all levels from beginners to advanced learners. Our beginner French lessons are very structured and effective, we focus on the Foundations of the French language. Whatever the starting level, we thoroughly check that our students have a good command of these fundamentals.

Thanks to these customized, one-on-one courses, we can help each learner to gain confidence in speaking French at his or her own pace in a quiet and friendly atmosphere. All our students are regularly encouraged to speak in French by a very kind and patient teacher. This experienced native French tutor will lead you all through the learning process to a complete success.

French Lessons Premium has also developed very comprehensive and effective French proficiency Tests (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) based on the foundations of the French language. We always recommend that our students take a French level Test even before starting their classes. These tests will help us to evaluate precisely your level in French. Of course, we choose together with the learner the most suitable test according to his or her level.
A French level Test Premium is a very complete test, made up of fourteen exercises/questions covering all the main foundations of the French language, namely grammar, conjugations, spelling, vocabulary and writing exercises. As soon as you decide to order one of our tests, we send it to you at once by email. Whenever you are ready to do your test, you will have to complete it within three hours without any aids. It’s really easy, convenient and fast. All these tests are available on request.

  • Our French classes Premium cover all levels of French learning, from beginner to advanced learner.
  • We are also very proud of being able to offer flexible schedules to our learners, who often have a busy professional life.
  • In general, a French lesson lasts an hour and a half, sometimes two hours if necessary.
Private individuals :          starting from      50 € / H
Companies :          starting from      60 € / H
Skype Lessons  :          starting from      35 € / H  
French level tests :          starting from      80 €
Discount Packages of 1020 or 30  French lessons are available .
All class materials included.
Each individual French lesson or lesson package (including potential bank charges) will be paid in full before
the session starts.  Please, Note that no refund, transfer or credit will be given if a student leaves before the end of the training.
If you would like to set up your French lessons or order your French level Test Premium, you can contact us directly at any time



Cancellation policy

If you have to cancel or reschedule a french lesson, please call us at least 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged.