French level Tests including French proficiency test B2


French lessons Premium is a small and flexible training organization which offers high quality private French lessons to English speakers, living in France and all over the world (via Skype) .

We also offer very effective and complete French level Tests (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) based on the foundations of the French language – grammar, conjugations, spelling, vocabulary and so on. All of these French proficiency Tests have been developed by a native French Teacher. This tutor with practical experience have been teaching French to hundreds of foreign learners (expatriates, embassy staff, students, retired people…) for more than eight years. Thanks to these tests, each student can evaluate precisely his/her level in the French language. Our French proficiency test B2 is very appreciated by many students ; of course all the French level Tests Premium are available.

In brief, we have developed all these tests to check that our students master the famous  foundations of the French language .  It is interesting to note that several students who contact us have often already recieved a certificate (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) from a well-known language school. We propose them to do one of our tests, according to their level – the french proficiency test B2 for instance. We frequently discover that there are sizeable gaps in their knowledge of the fundamentals of French. The French level Tests Premium are so useful and important because we can pinpoint problem areas from the very beginning and work quickly to fill in the gaps.



French proficiency Test for expatriates


It is often English-speaking expatriates who contact French lessons Premium to get  information about our private  lessons and the content of our program. Some of them schedule directly their next french lessons. We always recommend that our students take a French level test even before starting their classes. Of course, we choose together with the learner the most suitable test according to his or her level. Our french proficiency tests are also very useful and convenient for evaluating students’ improvements in the French language as they move through the learning process.

A French level Test Premium is a very comprehensive test, made up of fourteen exercises/questions covering all the main foundations of the French language, namely grammar, conjugations, spelling, vocabulary and  writing exercises.
How does it work ?  it is realy easy, convenient and fast.

For example, you decide to order our famous French proficiency test B2. As soon as you order the test, we send it to you at once by email. You can complete it whenever you want. When you are ready to do your test, you will have to complete it within three hours without any aids. Once you have finished your test, you email it back to French lessons Premium and our native French teacher will correct it as soon as possible. You will recieve quickly all the corrections with detailed comments and a final mark.

Feel free to contact directly French Lessons Premium to book your French level Test.


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