Laurent ABITBOL created «French Lessons Premium» to offer a practical oral teaching to

English-speaking learners.

This native French Teacher is also very focused on the foundations of the French language

(grammar, conjugations, spelling, and so on) all along the learning process.

As a small and flexible training organization, French Lessons Premium is very proud of being

able to offer customized private courses and flexible schedules to its learners.


In brief, Laurent is a 49 year old Parisian, who has been teaching French to numerous English

speakers (expatriates and their families, embassy staff and diplomats, foreign students,

retired people, tourists and other English speakers) for more than ten years.

Born and raised in Paris, he studied economics in a renowned Parisian university and obtained a

Master’s degree in economics.

He worked as a journalist/editor in the health field for six years (the FEHAP federation and

several health reviews).


In 2005, he joined private education to teach everyday and conversational French

to English speakers in small group French classes.





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An understanding teacher, deeply involved in his students’ success


This experienced and qualified tutor remains thoroughly engaged all through the learning process.

Thanks to individualized, one-on-one courses, all our learners can focus more easily and express themselves in French at their own

pace in a quiet atmosphere. They are continually encouraged to speak in French with confidence by a very committed and patient

tutor. As a thorough and systematic teacher, he always begins with the foundations of the French language.

Laurent has been praised for his listening skills, professionalism, kindness and availability. (Check The Testimonials from

his students)

Feel free to contact Laurent directly to schedule your next French lessons Premium