Laurent, the founder of French Lessons Premium, worked as a Journalist/Editor for six years and holds a master’s degree in Economics. This experienced native French teacher has been teaching French to foreign learners for eight years.

The French Lessons Premium are quality private lessons specially designed for English speakers, living in Paris/close suburbs and all over the world ( online skype lessons ). The French Lessons Premium cover all levels from beginners to advanced learners.

Expatriates, embassy staff, students, retired people, tourists and  other English speakers receive personalized French lessons at their home or workplace and also online. The  content in French Lessons Premium is provided by a qualified native French tutor.

You certainly have questions about your training project, Feel free to contact French Lessons Premium directly.




Why choose the French Lessons Premium : the 6 keys to success

  • Practical and interactive oral exercises based on everyday French.
  • Instruction is provided at your home/workplace or online.
  • Schedules are flexible and adapted to your busy life
  • Discount Packages of 10, 20 or 30 French lessons are available.
  • Very effective French Level Tests are also available at reasonable prices.
  • Private lessons are tailored to your specific needs and language goals.

Private and personalized  French lessons in Paris/close suburbs and all over the world

The private lessons enable the students to focus and express themselves  easily in French, working at their pace in a quiet and friendly atmosphere.

In a one-on-one setting, students are not pressured by the distractions and the peer pressure of a traditional classroom, so  they can reach their fluency goals more efficiently.


We are convinced that the learner should be at the heart of the language teaching and learning process.