Richard Smith, Teacher, 30 years old, UK

" Knowledgeable, reliable, professional (and lots of other words ending with -able).
Learning French from Laurent is structured and his programme of learning complete. I greatly appreciate his thorough explanations of grammatical rules and irregularities of the language whilst also being able to go off on tangents to improve one’s conversation, pronunciation, and confidence.
If you have been looking for a French tutor, you just found the right one"!

Olesya Ivanishcheva, Model, 25 years old, USA

" I have learned so much in my classes with Mr.Laurent. He paces the class just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed.
So many other classes you just read from a text book but in his classes! Mr. Laurent asks questions and gets the students to respond which is both fun and promotes faster learning.
He is patient and eager to help. He helped me very much and I honestly look forward to future tutor lessons with him. I would definitely, definitely recommend working with him ".

Jasmin Konnegen, Technical Director, 40 years old, Germany

“ Laurent is a very dedicated and passionate teacher of the French language.
He pays a lot of attention to rules and details, thereby ensuring that his pupils get all the required basics to develop profound writing and talking skills.
Thanks a lot for some interesting and instructive time! I would definitely recommend you as a teacher.”

Edouard Little, Regional Account Manager, 28 years old, UK

" Laurent's lessons and guidance are very well structured and a strong emphasis is placed on ensuring that the fundamentals are understood in order to create a strong base free of common errors. The bespoke programs help establish areas for improvement and in turn this helps students including myself understand where my efforts should be focused."

Catriona Stares, retired Teacher, 70 years old, Guernsey

" Je suis professeur de français à la retraite. Je me rendais compte que je perdais au fil des ans la maîtrise de la langue - à l’oral et en grammaire - que j’avais auparavant. Je suis ravie des progrès que je constate déjà. Les cours sont très bien structurés et idéaux pour moi qui voyage pas mal. Laurent est un excellent professeur."

Jill Pooley, Teacher, 63 years old, UK

" Laurent is a traditional teacher who places great emphasis on grammar. He is very thorough in his teaching and always corrects my mistakes. Laurent est amical."

Maristella Espinosa, expatriate, 27 years old, Brazil

" I’ve been taking private French lessons for a month now, twice a week (1 hour and a half each) and after work. Does it seem tiring? Well, surprisingly it’s very entertaining !
The classes are dynamic, lots of conversation while practicing and learning new things. Laurent is patient, dedicated to his student and has a great teaching method! "

Lorraine Acton, Teacher, 53 years old, UK

" les cours sont très intéressants et variés avec Laurent.
He has a great sense of humour and is happy to answer any questions you might have. Skype french lessons work very well and it is useful that Laurent writes new vocab on a white board so that you can copy it down.
There is a good mix of grammar, new vocab and oral work."

Shunji SENDA, expatriate, 58 years old, Japan

" If I am asked to express Mr. Abitbol by one word, I would say “he is so enthusiastic!”. His way to teach French is sometimes a bit too demanding, but that is really important and useful for a beginner like me. If you would like to learn French by being soaked in French, you definitely should try his lessons. "

Dr. Joanne Rotermundt-de la Parra, Teacher, 57 years old, Canada

" Laurent is a very professional and effective teacher. Classes cover grammar, vocabulary and conversation skills, and being able to take them via Skype is the perfect option for me.
Les cours de Laurent sont excellents et je les recommande vivement."

Johanna Fletcher, Teacher, 59 years old, UK

" I had been thinking for some time of doing an immersion course in France to advance my French but seeing Laurent’s information on line, I contacted him and am so very pleased that I did, as I now do not need to do an immersion course.
Laurent is patient and explains things very well. He is also very witty. He is gradually discovering the weak areas in my language to strengthen them and build confidence. Skype French classes are fantastic and I am totally engrossed in the language and grammar for the whole session. It is such a brilliant forum and brings France to me. Les séances avec Laurent par Skype sont très efficaces et pratiques."

Winston Ong, expatriate, 42 years old, Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Paris

"Laurent's French class is not only flexible to busy executives with irregular schedules like me but also adaptable to students with varied pace of learning. His teaching method is flexible and yet focused. It was a great help having him to keep pushing , motivating me along the way. Je parle Français maintenant!"

Alicia Berberich, expatriate, 56 years old, USA

"If you are serious about learning French, if you have a burning desire to learn REAL French, then MR. Laurent is the teacher for you. He makes sure your foundation is solid, then moves on to more of the challenges of the French language. He is patient, systematic, and committed to your progress as a French speaker. He is detail oriented and a good price too. Give him a try! You will be glad!"

Madeleine Bjorklund, student, 15 years old, USA

"I go to a French school but I am nervous to speak because I don’t know if what I'm saying in French is right. M. Laurent is a fantastic teacher. He starts by focusing on the foundation then builds up. His lessons are clear and fully explained. M. Laurent doesn’t just dip into different topics but he makes sure you have fully understood the course. I have more and more courage to speak because I know I am saying the correct words! Les cours sont aussi divertissants."

John Fisher, tourist, 48 years old, UK

"Laurent is punctual, professional and empathetic. He has a logical way of teaching French with prepared teaching aids including a small white board where he quickly writes out words in French. Highly recommended!"

Emma Mitchell, expatriate’s wife, 36 years old, UK

"Laurent helped me to become more confident with my spoken French. He is always very professional and has an organised approach. I have a little boy and he is always very accommodating towards him. Laurent is very reliable and punctual and charges a reasonable price. He is encouraging and motivating and I would recommend his lessons."

Priya Shah, expatriate, 29 years old, India

"I came across Mr.Abitbol's French classes in the expatriate magazine. Already completing A1 level from Alliance Française, I was looking for more flexible yet focused course because of my work schedule. I took a few trails with multiple teacher including Laurent and liked his teaching approach the best, so I started sessions with him. He started with basics and also focused more on day to day necessary french. I took 2 or 3 sessions with him every week and he always started revising from previous classes and basics before moving ahead that made my fundamentals very strong. He was also very nice and flexible in charging the class schedule to adjust accordingly to my work and travel. I highly recommend Mr Abitbol to all expatriates for the once starting fresh or even wanting to take an advanced course in French for more focused and faster progress."

Poppy Maltby, tourist, 34 years old, UK

"Laurent is a fantastic tutor and we really enjoyed our conversation classes. My pronunciation and vocabulary improved hugely and I finally got 'i' and 'e' correct after the alphabet drills! He is very flexible and happy to concentrate on topics and areas to suit your interests which keeps things interesting."

Shwetank Tamer, expatriate, 30 years old, India

" I was working in France for around 3 years with extensive travelling across. Enrolling to a formal course like Alliance Francaise was not possible for me due to my schedule. I found out about French tutorials by Mr.Abitbol in expats magazine and requested for a trial with him. From day one, I found him to be very methodical and focused in his teaching approach. He had a formal structure that helps you to move faster while learning more important things that one needs in their day to day life. More than 6 months with him, I am able to understand the language completely now and also can speak French for all daily conversations.
Mr. Abitbol always ensured to do continuous revision of previous lessons along with moving forward. He was generous to be flexible, adapting our classes timings according to my work travel. I highly recommend Mr. Abitbol's French course for working executives for more productive learning adapted to your schedule in the comfort of your home."

Sangeeta Ghosh, French Teacher, 42 years old, USA

"It is my great pleasure to say that the exercises that are shared in French Lessons Premium are of real use to me as they help in learning new expressions as used in french literary textes!
I, as a french teacher myself use these exercises in class with my students to increase their capacity to learn and enjoy the language without being too restrictive in the approach! It gives them the opportunity to explore various usages of expressions and use them in turn while expressing themselves in written or oral exercises! In short I find them very innovative and useful way of teaching the language!"

Arthur Yap, student, 18 years old, American University of Paris

"A good French teacher who focuses on basic a lot. He is funny too"

Nick Jubber, tourist, 35 years old, UK

'’Laurent is a very engaging teacher with a great balance between making progress and enjoying the class. He's also very flexible with his formats and availability and has some great exercises to help with pronunciation and grammar.'’