Enjoy your private French lessons

Do you have any questions about your training project?  Please, feel free to

contact us at any time.


We understand the demands of professional or personal obligations, so

you can contact us directly, and together, we will come up with the most

appropriate training program according to your availability.


Each year, a lot of expatriates and their families come to Paris (or the

nearby suburbs) and other French cities. These expats need to learn

French, and especially everyday French, at the beginning. We are very

aware of their busy professional lives and time constraints, which is why

our French courses for expatriates (including home French classes

and corporate French lessons) are especially flexible.

At French Lessons Premium, we never forget to mention the expatriate’s

entire family because the latter is as important as the expatriate himself or

herself and deserves all our attention. We often give French classes to

expats’ spouses and children.


Of course, our Online skype lessons are also flexible and very convenient

because learners can choose their own schedules according to their

availability. Thanks to the handy Skype tool, we have been able to provide

private French classes in France and worldwide for many years.


Moreover, if you want to evaluate precisely your level in the French

language, French Lessons Premium offers very comprehensive, effective

and convenient French level Tests (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). We recommend

that our students take a French level test before starting their classes.




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