General French lessons based on daily life


All our private French classes, including the French lessons for expatriates, give priority to oral expression through practical and interactive oral exercises, guided conversations, presentations, debates… More precisely, all these courses are very focused on our students’ daily lives, namely their hobbies, interests, trips and so many other topics.

We offer individualized, one-on-one courses, so our students are not pressured by the distractions and peer pressure of a traditional language classroom. This allows them to focus more easily and express themselves in French at their own pace in a quiet and friendly atmosphere.



Who are these French lessons for ?

  • Expatriates and their families
  • Embassy staff and diplomats
  • Seniors
  • Students
  • Employees, self-employed
  • Retired people, Tourists,…



English speakers from all levels benefit from high quality individual tutoring.

Learners choose their own schedules according to their availability. Online skype lessons 

are also flexible and very convenient for all learners in France, UK, Canada, USA

and worldwide.

Ask for the discount packages of 10, 20 or 30 French lessons and Benefit from the

best rates.


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A tailored program

As for the program, we have developed a very rich and varied content. Of course, the program is always adapted to each student and personalized according to his or her particular needs and goals.

Before starting your French language training, we strongly recommend that you take a French proficiency test. French Lessons Premium offers very comprehensive and convenient  French level Tests  (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) based on the foundations of the French language (grammar, conjugations, spelling, vocabulary and writing exercises).
Thanks to these Tests, each student can evaluate precisely his or her level in French. Our French proficiency Tests are also very useful and effective for evaluating students’ improvements in the French language as they move through the learning process.  All these tests are available on request.




A rich and varied content

  • Practical and interactive oral exercises based on everyday French.
  • A solid review of French grammar and conjugation.
  • Basic and topic oriented vocabulary, idioms, expressions…
  • Intensive oral training (presentations, interviews, debates…)
  • Guided conversation about your daily life (your hobbies, interests, trips, and so on)
  • Various French writing exercises
  • Oral exercises to improve your French pronunciation.
With a simple phone call or e-mail, you can contact French Lessons Premium at any time to find out more about our complete program.