Corporate French lessons for expatriates


Our French courses Premium are personalized private French lessons specially designed for English speakers living in France and all around the world (thanks to online lessons by Skype). More precisely, expatriates and their families, embassy staff and diplomats, foreign students, retired people and all other English speakers can receive high quality individual French classes at their home or worplace (in Paris and close suburbs), or online via Skype. Of course, we teach all levels of French, from beginners to advanced learners.

In recent years, many expats living in Paris or in the nearby suburbs have contacted us in order to benefit from our French lessons at their home or office. Many of these expats are very interested in having French classes, and although they are as strongly motivated as our other learners they often have to take into account important work commitments. At French Lessons Premium, we are very aware of their busy professional lives, which is why we try hard to provide flexible corporate French lessons for expatriates.

In general, a French class lasts an hour and a half. Each French session is full and intense with a rich and varied content. We are also very happy to offer discount packages of 10, 20, or 30 French lessons. It is worth noting that all our private courses including our corporate French lessons for expatriates, are delivered by an experienced native French teacher who has been successfully teaching his mother tongue to hundreds of foreign learners for more than eight years.



Flexible French lessons for expatriates


Each year, numerous expatriates and their families settle down in Paris, the City of Light , its nearby suburbs, as well as in other French cities. These expats and their families need to learn French – especially everyday French – at the beginning. As a small and flexible language training organization, French Lessons Premium is very proud of being able to propose flexible schedules to English-speaking expatriates, taking into account their busy professional lives and time constraints. These corporate French lessons for expatriates have received much positive feedback lately for their quality and flexibility. We strive to offer, as much as possible, flexible schedules to all our learners.

Moreover, our organization strongly believes in individualized instruction, thus, our corporate French lessons for expatriates, like all our courses, are always adapted to students’ particular needs and goals. Thanks to individualized, one-on-one courses, all our learners can focus more easily and express themselves in French at their own pace in a quiet atmosphere. They are continually encouraged to speak in French with confidence by a very committed and patient tutor.

The French language is a spoken language, so we always give priority to oral expression, but we never neglect the French grammar, verb conjugation, and spelling. On this subject, our thorough French teacher is very focused on the foundations of the French language, including vocabulary and pronunciation. French Lessons Premium also offers very comprehensive and effective French proficiency tests (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) based on these main foundations of the French language. We recommend that our students take a French level test before starting their classes.

We understand the demands of professional or personal obligations, so you can contact us at any time, and together, we will come up with the most appropriate training program according to your availability.


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