Beginner French lessons in Paris and in the close suburbs


French Lessons Premium, as a language training organization, has been delivering customized private French classes to numerous English speakers throughout the world for many years. Our students benefit from high-quality individual lessons at their home or workplace (in Paris or in the nearby suburbs) and also online via Skype. Our French courses Premium cover the four levels of French learning : absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Every year, many expats and their families, and other English speakers, settle down in Paris or in the close suburbs. Many of them are beginners and sometimes complete beginners in the French language. All our French classes, including the beginner French lessons in Paris, are given by an experienced and qualified native French teacher, who has been successfully teaching his mother tongue to hundreds of English-speaking learners for more than eight years.

French Lessons Premium has adopted a very pragmatic approach. For instance, we never hesitate to give some explanations in English in order to help our beginner students. We have set up a structured and systematic teaching method, and a thorough framework for all our learners, thus beginners can quickly acquire a very effective learning routine. We focus on the foundations of the French language, namely, grammar, verb conjugation, syntax, spelling and vocabulary ; we are convinced of the great importance of these foundations. It is clear that students who don’t master the fundamentals of French properly, won’t be able to fully develop their speaking skills in the French language.



What is the content of the Beginner French lessons in Paris ?


Our beginner French lessons in Paris are meant for students who have very little or no knowledge at all of French. These French courses for beginners aim to provide students with the basic language skills that correspond to level A1 of the European Framework for Language (CECR).

A French Lessons Premium class lasts an hour and a half, and sometimes two hours at the request of the learner. We have found that ninety minutes is the perfect duration for a language lesson. In general, we recommend two classes per week.

Our French lessons are full, highly-structured and intensive, with a very rich and varied content. Our native French tutor usually begins with the foundations of the French language ; we strive to give a solid foundation to all our students. Of course, we give priority to oral expression throughout the training, through practical oral drills based on everyday-life situations, role-play exercises, guided conversations, and so on. We provide basic and topic-oriented vocabulary, including common verb and adjective lists, and we pay close attention to pronunciation. The whole program is available on request, and is always adapted to each student and personalized according to his or her particular needs and goals.

It is worth noting that beginner French lessons in Paris, like all our French classes, are available as discount packages of 10, 20 or 30 French lessons.

If you have any questions about your training project or if you would like to schedule your next French lessons Premium, feel free to contact us directly at any time.


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