Intermediate French classes in Paris or in the close suburbs


French Lessons Premium is a small and very flexible language training organization which provides customized private French classes to English speakers in France and worldwide, thanks to online French courses via Skype. Our students receive high-quality private lessons at their home or workplace (in Paris or in the nearby suburbs) and also online. Our French lessons Premium cover all levels of French learning, from beginner to advanced learner.

In recent years, many expats and other English speakers, living in Paris or in the close suburbs, have contacted us to get information about our intermediate French classes in Paris.

Who are the intermediate French classes in Paris for ?

In theory, these French classes are meant for learners who already hold a qualification or level certificate A2 or B1, issued by the European Framework for languages (CEFR).Our experienced native French teacher and founder of French Lessons Premium has developed his own French proficiency tests in order to evaluate precisely students’ level in French. These comprehensive and effective level tests are based on the main foundations of the French language, namely, grammar, conjugations, spelling, vocabulary and writing exercises.
We are convinced that a good command of these foundations is as important as a qualification or a certificate. Some students hold a qualification B1 or B2, but they haven’t properly mastered the fundamentals of French, which is why they often have difficulties expressing themselves fully in the French language.

Moreover, French Lessons Premium is very proud of being able to offer flexible schedules to its learners according to their availability. It is worth noting that all our students can benefit from discount packages of 10, 20 or 30 French lessons.



What about the content of the intermediate French classes in Paris ?


Our French lessons usually last an hour and a half, and sometimes two hours at the request of the learner. Each French session is full and intense, with a very rich and varied content.

Given that the French language is a spoken language, we always give priority to oral expression through practical and interactive oral drills based on everyday French, role-play exercises, guided conversations, presentations, debates and so on. Our native French tutor is very focused on the famous foundations of the French language. Throughout  the training, we systematically revise the French grammar, verb conjugation and spelling. We pay close attention to pronunciation, as well as covering a wide range of topic- oriented vocabulary, idioms and French expressions.

French Lessons Premium strongly believes in individualized instruction, thus, all our French courses, including the intermediate French classes in Paris, are always adapted to students’ specific needs and goals.

Maybe you need to improve your French for professional reasons, or maybe you want to brush up your communication skills. Whatever the reason, with a simple phone call or e-mail, you can contact us directly at any time in order to get started on our intermediate French lessons.


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