Skype French lessons Premium


French Lessons Premium offers quality private French lessons online to English speakers in France and all around the world. In fact, French lessons Premium via Skype are personalized lessons specially designed for English speakers. We strongly believe in individualized instruction ; our French courses are always adapted to students’ specific needs and goals. Our Skype French lessons cover all levels of French learning, from beginner to advanced learner.

A French lesson lasts an hour and half, sometimes two hours if necessary. We have found that ninety minutes is the perfect duration for a language class ; a one-hour lesson is too short and beyond two hours, it becomes more difficulte for students to focus on a foreign language. Our Skype French lessons are full, intensive and highly structured. In general, we recommend two classes per week, three for beginners.

All our French lessons are provided by a qualified native French teacher. This experienced tutor have been teaching successfully French language to many foreign learners (expatriates, embassy staff, seniors, students, retired people and so on) for more than eight years.



Skype French lessons for expatriates


Paris, Lyon and other french cities welcome every year a lot of expatriates and their families. These expats as well as their families need to learn French , and especially everyday French at the beginning. As you can see, we never forget to mention the expatriate’s family because the latter is as important as the expatriate him – or herself and deserves all our attention. We often give French classes to expatriates’ spouses or children.

It is often the case that many expats are eager to learn French, but they usually have a very busy professionnal life which can make it difficult to fit classes into their schedule. It is for this reason that our Skype French lessons are the perfect solution, given their convenience and flexibility. For all our courses – whether they be home lessons, corporate lessons, etc. – we strive to propose flexible schedules for all our learners according to their availability.

As for the program, French Lessons Premium provides a very rich and varied content. We give priority to oral expression through pratical and interactive oral exercises, guided conversations, presentations, debates… We also believe that the foundations of the French language (grammar, conjugations, spelling) are very important, even crucial all along the learning process. Our students appreciate our topic-oriented vocabulary and our pronunciation exercises. The whole program is available on request. Of course, the program is always adapted to each student and personalized according to his or her specific needs and goals.

With a simple phone call or e-mail, you can contact French Lessons Premium and benefit from our discount packages of 10, 20, or 30 Skype French lessons.


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